Released 2019-Mar-08

Full outline below:

Bot Changes
fixed past times in natural
switched message for long times in natural
removed the ability to specify negative times in remind
added $timer commands: timer list/start/delete
lang and timezone are now stored for both servers (as fallback) and users (as override)
lang, timezone, remind, interval, natural all enabled in DM
reminders all have UIDs of 64 characters for usage in the web
switched out random module for secrets module

Postman Changes
combined sql queries
changed the interval switching to replace within the database rather than just mod-ing it within the postman

Database Changes
new table for timers
changed time from bigint to int
changed position from tinyint to int
reminders all have UIDs

Web Changes
removed up/down arrows from interval
added database controlled caching for guilds, channels, roles, members, users
added refresh button to refresh cache
removed guilds, reminders, channels, patreon from session variables
added drop down next to intervals that specifies the time unit
attached javascript that modifies interval value when drop down changed
added ability to assign multiple intervals to a reminder
ability to remove an interval
moved around help entries
added an announcements section containing details on dashboard, promotional opportunities, upvoting
added a card on the dashboard asking for upvotes
added an updates route containing logs of all the updates
added a markdown parser
switched out random module for secrets module
moved API requesting into a separate function