Data this website stores on your computer

User data

This website uses some necessary cookies and session data to operate. None of this can be disabled, since it is all necessary for the site to function. However, it is worth mentioning that all of this data is first-party only, i.e we use no tracking scripts like Google Analytics, and no adverts are served on this site.


Cookies are data that are persistent between browser restarts. Cookies are read and written by the website running on your computer, not by our server.
Cookies store information on your preferences, including if you prefer AM/PM or 24 hour clock, if you have closed the cookie popup before, and what order you have the servers in on the dashboard.

Session storage

Session data are data that is stored just for the active browser session. Session storage is read and written by our server and cannot be modified on your computer.
Session data stores an access token provided by Discord, used to retrieve information about your account. Also stored is an internal ID for use with our API.

How can we trust you?

Feel free to audit this website. Go to our GitHub to get started, or just press F12