Terms of Service


The Terms of Service apply whenever you use the hosted edition of Reminder Bot and the JellyWX's Home Discord server.

Violating the Terms of Service may result in receiving a permanent ban from the Discord server, permanent restriction on your usage of Reminder Bot, or removal of some or all of your content on Reminder Bot or the Discord server. None of these will necessarily be preceded or succeeded by a warning or notice.

The Terms of Service may be updated. Notice will be provided via the Discord server. You should consider the Terms of Service to be a guide for appropriate behaviour.

Reminder Bot

The Terms of Service do not apply to self-hosting users who are using the source code or pre-packaged Debian files to run their own instance of Reminder Bot.

Your access to Reminder Bot may be restricted if you:

  • Abuse exploits or bugs in Reminder Bot.
  • Use the bot to harass other Discord users.
  • Use the bot to transmit malware or other illegal content.
  • Use the bot to send more than 15 messages during a 60 second period.
  • Attempt to circumvent restrictions imposed by the bot or website, including trying to access data of other users, circumvent Patreon restrictions, or uploading files and creating reminders that are too large for the bot to send or process.

Some or all of these actions may be illegal in your country.

JellyWX's Home

Your access to the JellyWX's Home Discord server may be restricted if you:

  • Discuss politics, harass other users, or use language intended to upset other users.
  • Abuse any exploits.
  • Share personal information about yourself or any other user. This includes but is not limited to real names1, addresses, phone numbers, country of origin2, religion, email address, IP address.
  • Send malicious links or attachments.
  • Advertise without permission.
  • Send unwarranted direct messages.

1 Some users may use their real name on their account. In this case, do not assert that this is a user's real name, or use it to try and identify a user.
2 Country of current residence may be discussed, as this is relevant to timezone and DST selection.