Privacy Policy

Who we are

Reminder Bot is operated solely by Jude Southworth. You can contact me by email at [email protected], or via private/public message on Discord at

What data we collect

Reminder Bot stores limited data necessary for the function of the bot. This data is your unique user ID, timezone, and direct message channel.

Timezones are provided by the user or the user's browser.

Some additional information is collected by the dashboard for the purpose of debugging. This is your time spent on the website, current URL, unique user ID, unique session token, contents of any client errors.

Why we collect this data

Unique user IDs are stored to keep track of who sets reminders. User timezones are stored to allow users to set reminders in their local timezone. Direct message channels are stored to allow the setting of reminders for your direct message channel.
Information collected by the dashboard is for resolving bugs.

Who your data is shared with

Your data is also guarded by the privacy policies of MEGA, our backup provider, and Hetzner, our hosting provider.

Accessing or removing your data

Your timezone can be removed with the command /timezone UTC. Other data can be removed on request. Please contact me.

Reminders created in a guild/channel will be removed automatically when the bot is removed from the guild, the guild is deleted, or channel is deleted. Data is otherwise not removed automatically.