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Reminder Commands


Easier method to set reminders. Please run this command for more information.


Delete reminders and intervals on your server. If the reminders are set up for DMs, direct message this command to the bot.

$look [n] [channel] [enabled] [time]

View the reminders in a channel. If provided, n will limit to displaying the next n reminders. If enabled is written, only enabled reminders will be shown. If time is written, the exact time will be shown rather than the offset

$remind [user/channel] <time-to-reminder> <message>

Command deprecated. Use $natural instead of this command. Set up a reminder. Takes times in the format of [num][s/m/h/d], for example 10s for 10 seconds or 2s10m for 2 seconds 10 minutes. An exact time can be provided as day/month/year-hour:minute:second.

$interval [user/channel] <time-to-reminder> <interval> <message>

Patron Only. Command deprecated. Use $natural instead of this command. Set a recurring reminder starting in the given time-to-reminder. Takes times in the normal formats, ex. $interval 0s 20m Hello World! will send 'Hello World!' to your channel every 20 minutes.


Offset an entire server's reminders by a set time (helps account for daylight saving time)

Management Commands


Set your server's timezone, for easier date-based reminders.

$lang <name>

Change the language.

$nudge <time>

Enable nudging on the current channel. This allows you to sync all future reminders by the second to things like in game clocks

$pause [time]

Silence reminders on the current channel. A timeout for this can be provided optionally, otherwise reminders are silenced indefinitely. Can be disabled with the same command

$restrict [role mention] [commands]

Change which commands can be used by which roles

$blacklist [channel-name]

Block or unblock a channel from sending commands.

Other Commands


View information about donations.

$prefix <string>

Change the prefix from $.


Get info on the bot.


Get current time in guild's timezone

$todo user

TODO list related commands. Use $todo help for more information.

$todo channel

Identical to $todo server but for channel-based task management.

$todo server

Identical to $todo channel but for server-based task management.


Save a command to a shorter reusable name. Use $alias name command to setup, e.g $alias rem natural in 10 minutes send hello, then use $alias name to recall


Set a timer that marks the current time. Do `$timer` for more information.